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I became a House Inspector for three reasons:
  1. I love houses -- how they're put together and how they work. They are an ongoing source of fascination for me.
  2. I love to work with my hands. I am an all-around handyman, carpenter, mechanic, and Do-it-yourself expert.
  3. I love to teach. A House Inspector is, in fact, a teacher: someone who helps you understand the basics of keeping your home safe and well-maintained.

My background:

I have been a teacher at Loyola University-Maryland for over 20 years. My specialty is technology and writing. Both of these areas inform every aspect of my life: I built and wrote this website, for example. I also wrote a book about one of my greatest adventures: buying condemned property -- a wrecked, former frat house -- and restoring it to its original VIctorian glory. You can see a video trailer about the book right here: From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story

My wife Jill and I did 99% of the work on our house and now we run a DIY website called House Love. We have a national readership, I write how-to articles for magazines like Victorian Homes, and we produce numerous how-to videos for You-tube. You can get a sampling of our videos on the resources page. To date, our most popular video has received over 250,000 visitors. In other words, I am deeply involved in issues of house repair and maintenance. And I have learned these things by doing them myself over the last 12+ years.

What to expect when you hire me:

Fee structure

Other services

The house inspection is a great opportunity to check other facets of your home that are outside the bounds of the house inspection itself. This includes testing for radon, mold, lead, air quality, water quality, and more. Visit the Testing Page for details

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