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Another service I offer is consultation to help you with decisions about fixing or improving your house. The aim of consultation is to save you money before you start spending it. Here's how:

How is consultation different from Home Inspection?

Consultation does not require a full inspection of your house. And, typically, it does not yield an inspection report. In fact, if you need advice and even referrals to workers and resouces, then I cannot act as a house inspector. When I act as a consultant, you get the benefit of my house inspection expertise with the added value of my advice as a D.I.Y. expert.

The Fix-it or Nix-it Weekend Package Special

No matter where you live, I can come to you, examine your property or your project, assess it in terms of national building standards and budget feasibility, and advise you on next steps. Such a consultation is especially important if you are thinking of taking on a large do-it-yourself project -- like buying an old farm house to fix up.

I can also bring my partner, Jill, who is a licensed counselor (LCSW) and a design expert. She can sit down with you and your partner and help you assess whether or not you -- as a couple -- are ready to take on such a project. She can also make design recommendations and is especially adept at creating unique color pallettes for your home.

So, let's talk about it -- you'd be surprised what you would learn, and the possibilities you would discover, from a consusltation visit.

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