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Articles of Interest

Here are some videos to show you who I am and what I do:

Talk Show Videos

In my travels around the country, I have done many talk shows as a D.I.Y. expert.

Ron on TV (Indianapolis): 7 Tips for the DIY Homeowner:

More Advice from Ron (Milwaukee):

Ron on AM Northwest, Portland, OR

How-to Videos:

Here is a sampling of my how-to videos. You can find the full selection here.
And you can find all of the how-to vidoes about camper van converions here.

Introduction to custom camper van conversion.

How to install or replace an electrical outlet.

How to install a new kitchen sink faucet.

How to strip paint and refinish wood:

How to Install a Custom Kitchen Sink

How to Install a Fan for a Kitchen Stove

How We Restored Our Victorian Pantry

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